Saturday, February 13, 2010

Support Nate Robinson: Liveblogging the NBA Slam Dunk Contest

  • 3-time champ. That's the record. Good on you, Nate. And on that note, that's it for the dunk contest.
  • Gotta agree with the announcers. Taurian Fontenette's 720 dunk would have won this hands down. Next year, bring the non-NBAers to the contest. They do some real crazy things.
  • Nate wins with 51% of the fan vote.
  • Waiting for the text results. Love Nate Rob, but I'm kind of leaning toward the rook here. No one really bringing the A-game tonight.
  • Sweet dunk by DeRozan. Off the backboard alley-oop and jumping over the passer. Things starting to come alive.
  • Contest sorely lacking the theatrics of Superman.
  • LeBron and Dwight would've made the finals easy.
  • Not a bad dunk by Nate. This contest pales in comparison to the past ones, though. It's Nate and DeMar in the finals.
  • All 10s for DeRozan? You mean it can't get any better than that?
  • Kobe with an assist for Shannon Brown. Dunk nothing special, though.
  • Bad first round. Plenty of missed dunks. But Nate leads everyone with a 44.
  • Nate shooting for a 3rd championship today.


  1. J_MYXX/NeekoBoi -- is there a way I can contact you in private?

  2. yes coach. you can get in touch with us at either or

  3. its interesting to note that it seems like the stats analysis revolution in the pba has just begun. Its a pretty darn good strategy to get a better picture of how the team and its players perform. Its better than simply looking at game averages. The revolution has been started by Morey in the NBA and it has him given a pretty decent team. Good job guys on the analysis!

  4. @trix
    thanks for the kind words.

    we certainly do hope that the stats revolution has begun. we're big fans of daryl morey ourselves. general consensus is that many but not all NBA teams have someone doing some form of stat analysis for them.

    we hope the PBA follow suit as well.