Thursday, February 24, 2011

Rabeh, Seigle Blockbuster Trade Brewing?

Rumors are starting to circulate about a possible blockbuster trade. Patricia Hizon hints at it in a recent post in her blog, Locker Room, although she stops short of actually naming any teams or players that may be involved. She usually presents her rumors as guessing games, but she usually is also spot on with her rumors so there really may be something here.

One used to detonate
One's okay to slice through
One was faster to trigger
but would you trade these for something new?

One's got a double double game
One carried national pride
One was the quiet one
THere's something about the deal they will definitely hide
The word detonate looks like it's supposed to be a pun, and it could point to 'Dynamite' Danny Seigle, whose nickname definitely fits the part.

The post also suggests that the pieces exchanged would be older players on one side and young ones on the other. This is also hinted at by Seigle's San Miguel Beemen teammate Paul Artadi, who tweeted this earlier.

But who is coming back for San Miguel? Well, this tweet by Charles Tiu could hint at it being a couple of young studs from Air21.

So the names of Rabeh Al-Hussaini, Nonoy Baclao and Rey Guevarra were apparently discussed, although Allan Gregorio does categorically deny the rumors. But if you look at Hizon's clues, it might be referring to this group of players. Al-Hussaini is a double-double guy. Guevarra was part of the Smart Gilas team for a while. And Baclao seems like a quiet fellow.

So it looks like the package was something like Seigle, and maybe Joseph Yeo and Lordy Tugade for Rabeh, Nonoy and Guevarra. Hizon ends with this line, "After the day of pinoy power, we'll know if they'll call their bluff." Guess we'll find out if this blockbuster deal will push through, or if one team gets cold feet. Looks like an interesting deal for both sides, though.

UPDATE: A source says it will be Mick Pennisi, and not Lordy Tugade, involved in the trade, if it does push through.

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