Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Patay Ang Butiki Ep. 1

Patay Ang Butiki authors Niko and Mikkel Bolante are joined by Fire Quinito author Jaemark Tordecilla and ABS-CBN Sports' Toff Rada to talk about the PBA's winningest franchise, the San Miguel Beermen, and the crossroads it faces.

UPDATE: To those who are asking for an audio only version of the show, here it is:

You can download the MP3 file here.


  1. It's really Un San Miguel act the way they traded these 3 Superstars especially Danny and Dondon which gave them hard fought championships..Where is San Miguel Beer lines 'Walang Iwanan' and "Iba na ang may Pinagsamahan" ..RESPECT man and KARMA is very fast..SMB eliminated while AIR 21 has a chance for a semifinal berth..Hope they can get another Ron Jacobs as the masters to put direction in the team..Really disappointed man!

  2. sana may audio podcast din ang Patay ang Butiki para madali lang madownload from iTunes :D

  3. wow! this is an amazing web show. nice insights from bloggers, who i think, are more credible than a lot of mainstream basketball analysts.

    keep it up patay ang butiki and fire quinito! 2nd episode!

  4. @anonymous(1)
    i'm sure a lot of other SMB fans feel the same way. air21 just made it to the semis, btw. you can always cheer on those guys. danny seigle is always going to be danny seigle to me.

  5. @sonn
    we're working on an audio-only version of this particular episode and we'll post an update when it's up. stay tuned!

  6. @anonymous(2)
    we appreciate the very kind words. hope you continue to support not only the show but the entire philippine basketball blogosphere as well.

    and yes, there will be a 2nd episode so keep checking out our blog and fire quinito as well, of course!

  7. @Sonn: check out the update above. mp3 version is now available!

  8. My thoughts lang as a fellow SMB fan.

    1. On the trade - I think basketball-wise, I agree it's a long-term solution to the problem (although I'm sure di nila gustong walang sure-starter 2-guard sila ngayon). The 3 rookies all have promising careers ahead of them, but to be honest, I'm sure there will still be movement in the roster. SMB can't win without a shooter, so I expect that there will be a trade. Then, hopefully they can mirror the last era by making the following transitions:
    A. Danny I - Rabeh
    B. Danny S - JWash
    C. Belasco/Abuda - Arwind/Baclao
    D. Olsen/Boybits 0 Cabagnot/Denok

    2. On team management - As proven by the moves, team management is clearly not headed by a basketball mind. Trades were done to bring in big names - Arwind, JWash, Denok, 3 rookies. Even coach nga, Ato was brought in because of his recent success. A good sound basketball mind ala Ron Jacobs, Phil Jackson, Greg Popovich, Pat Riley would have brought in complementary pieces to an entire basketball strategy since Arwind, JWash and Cabagnot can be considered as star-caliber players naman that can be made faces of the SMB franchise.

    Stark contrast of how SMB management has moved recently is with that of Alaska and TNT. Alaska has trid to get players who will still generally execute under Tim Cone whereas TNT has picked up players will play with the motor that Chot Reyes needs to run his system.

    3. On the name change - I agree with Toff that this might actually be a good time for the change. Let the team find itself outside of the mystique of the San Miguel tag, and once they gain some momentum as a group, shift back to SMB. Of course, the change will be met with some resistance, but I think there might be more of a corporate/business side to this which team management is not contesting since hindi naman sila particularly sentimental or they didn't grow up with the franchise. The SMB tag will be back. Mga 1 or 2 conferences lang yan.

    4. On the fans - If we look at the PBA, there are only 4 teams that really have a big solid following (Ginebra, SMB, Purefods/BMEG, Alaska). I think the fans will weaken for a considerable period because of Olsen retiring, the trade and the name change. But as proven in the past, once SMB starts winning again, the fans will come back. Hopefully, this time around (unlike the past 10 years) there can be more championships to feed the hungry fan base and sustain them going forward.

    5. Untouched items - Sayang di na nasama sa discussion ninyo, but I was honestly taken back by how the SMC group derailed the improvement of the PBA by railroading the "Petron Interest." If you remember, Phoenix fuel was interested in investing and improving the struggling Barako franchise. But the with SMC block in the vote + the aid of the Air21 franchise (aka padaanan ng player for sister team trades), Phoenix was denied entry into the PBA. Sayang because the improvement of the Barako franchise would have really made the PBA more competitive and a better product as a whole.

    Good job on episode 1 guys. Looking forward to more in the future!

  9. great discussion. smb fan attendance before in live games decreases mainly because of not seeing enough minutes for 2 danny's & olsen...how much more now...i can't see anyone from the team reach out to fans like they do... they have their own followers/fans club ...stars/players now seems to be aloof...but smb fans are all over the internet nowadays instead of goin to the venue. i think that the change of name is temporary, they are just using this for really marketing strategy for Petron to be associated with SMC as a newly acquired business of their diversified portfolio. RSA is far different from ECJ... i feel sad for PBA, instead of hearing the clamour of the fans/diehards they seems to be deaf & blind. they favor more of the team owners instead of the fans who's said to be the life of the league. they should use/take advantage the use of social-network/media like twitter to gain more followers/fans especially of the new generation.