Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lutz, Lassiter Declared Ineligible; Gilas hammers U.A.E.

The Smart Gilas Pilipinas team were met by news that wing men Marcio Lassiter and Chris Lutz were ineligible to play at the FIBA Asia Men's Championship in Wuhan. Team Pilipinas, however, stayed focus and dominated a U.A.E. team that did not have any answer to Smart Gilas' mastery of the post.

The Gilas team scored at will early on in the post and prevented U.A.E. from scoring underneath the basket. Marcus Douthit, Asi Taulava and Kelly Williams made life hard for U.A.E. players who wanted to score inside. Mac Baracael led the Philippines in scoring with 15 points, followed by Marcus Douthit and Asi Taulava with 13 apiece, and Jayvee Casio who dropped 11 markers. All players of Smart Gilas scored in the one-sided affair.

Meanwhile, FIBA Asia Deputy Secretary General Hagop Khajirian said that "any player who acquired citizenship after the age of 16 is considered as naturalized player." I do not know how Smart Gilas would approach this rule, because according to the Philippine Constitution, Lutz and Lassiter are considered Filipino citizens. However, FIBA has its own interpretation of what a naturalized player is. They say Lutz and Lassiter obtained Philippine passports after the age of 16, thus making them naturalized Filipinos. Now I am curious to know if Kelly Williams, Asi Taulava, Gabe Norwood, Erik Menk, Mick Pennisi, Danny Seigle, etc had Philippine passports before the age of 16. I doubt that all of those players who donned the Philippine jersey obtained a passport before their 16th birthday (someone correct me if I'm wrong.) And two of those players I mentioned are currently playing for Smart Gilas in Wuhan.

Fans of Smart Gilas Pilipinas will surely follow the developments on Lutz and Lassiter's case. Let's all hope that other documents could convince FIBA to let these two players play.


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